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Northman Productions LLC

"Things I Wish I Told You Before"  is a short film from Northman Productions LLC. The project was inspired by real events in the writer's life: his brother's suicide. The short film follows the main character as he makes his decision to end his life. It then reflects on the effect that his decision has on others, notably the ones that he loves the most and the ones that love him the most. 
We are incredibly grateful to have the following talented individuals involved with this project: 
Phil Northman as "Phil" - Site
Micheal Lorz as “Erich” - Site
Remy Zaken as “Stephanie” - Site
Thea McCartan as the “Mother” -  Site 
Sean Delaney as “Jamie” - Site
Bart Shatto  as the "Father" - Site
 Emily Bronner as "friend" - Site
and Anna Dale Robinson as "friend" - Site
Production team:
Producers: Steve Nahorniak, Lauren Hans and Phil Northman
Director: Phil Northman
Director of Photography: Ignacio Guzman - Site
Editor: Steve Nahorniak - Site
Casting Director: Jake Krickhan
Writer: Phil Northman
Gaffer: Crystal Pavlidis
Key Grip: George Konnaris
Best Boy: Andy Volding
Sound Recordist: Alessandro Altman
Illustrator: Winsome Camero
Make Up Artist: Jan Murphy
Production Assistants: Kyle Richards, Glorybell Lopez, and Winsome Camero
Thank you to the phenomenally awesome and generous people that have contributed to this project:
Maneeha Mahmood
Greg & Jen Demers
The Ishfaq Family
Duff Anderson and John Walsh
Moon Doggy Media - Site
Wendy Macdonald
Victoria Siegle
Amanda Abeln-Overs
Jackie Arnett
Steve and Lisa Hans
Judson Jones
Filip Uscilowicz
Winsome Camero
Dianne Ramlochan
Leandro De Almeida
Lauren Hans
Victoria Mazur
Becca Lipman
Simon Reid
Vinny Randazzo
Robert & June Hans
Ellen Francis
Brandi Rosier
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